Meet the family


 All of our goats are ADGA,AGS,or MDGA registered


Purebred Nigerian Dwarves



Good parentage with great coloring and beautiful blue eyes. Bonnie is rather clever and tends to catch on first when something is changing or going down. All the goats respect Bonnie and tend to give her space when she wants it.




One of two gorgeous kids we got this season from Bonnie and Jax. A sleek black coat  with moonspots like her dad with white patterns, and she inherited beautiful blue eyes as well. She's still a little shy, but a beautiful goat with a lot of potential.





Boomer's sister, another beautiful goat with an absolutely stunning black and brown mask. Athena is much more sociable than her sister, and is often looking to jump into people's laps or nibble their fingers!




Great Buck-skinned doe. Shy compared to our other goats, but well behaved and never gets into any trouble. Has a good history of throwing flashy and colorful offspring. 




 Charlotte is very sweet and affectionate goat. She is a great producer and has very large teats for a Nigerian Dwarf, which makes her much easier to milk than many of her counterparts. She loves to follow us around and even licks us in the face like a dog!



Charlotte's daughter and my wife's personal favorite. People say you're not supposed to have favorites but c'mooooon. Look at that face!

Purebred American Saanens



A fantastic purebred Saanen Doe from an excellent milking line. Promise has a  superior genetics designation through the ADGA for milk production. Her dam and sire also have designations. Promise is an absolute work horse who typically milks through and has a maternal and laid back personality. Also impossible to keep clean because she loves rolling around in the dirt!



Another high quality purebred Saanen. Pearl also comes from a great line of milkers. She doesn't have an official superior genetics designation because she hasn't been tested, but based on her milk production will achieve a designation when she is tested. Her parents also have designations. Pearl has a lot of personality and is often the life of the party.



Stella's mother was a 7* milker. That means for 7 generations in a row, her ancestors have been tested for milk production and awarded a *. When we have Stella tested, she'll be the 8th in a long line of proven producers. Although sometimes I wish she was a little less clever... Stella is the single reason I had to put extra latches on supply room doors because she kept figuring out how to get through them.



Caprica & Starbuck 

Pearl's twins are part of our first generation of mini saanens. The goal is to increase milk production of the Saanens while maintaining the richer content of Nigerian Dwarf milk. Another consideration is the size; miniature breeds require less resources than the full sized breeds, which helps save on the feed bill!



Promises daughter. She's already beginning to take after her mother quite a lot, which would mean lots of good milk and lots of love!




Extremely affable, Nick comes from an impressive heritage. His grandfather was a show champion, and Nick is poised to breed an entire generation of friendly super goats.



Blue eyes. Moon spots. Hilarious noises. Jax was bred on our farm and his features were so striking that we decided to keep him as a secondary buck to avoid line breeding. Our instincts served as well as Jax has produced some stunning babies.

Purebred Karakachans



Our first Karakachan guardian dog. Absolutely stunning dog. Very affectionate with farm friends and the goats. Although she's still young, she already instinctively guards and herds the goats into the barn when needed. Extremely intelligent dog. Ciri is a very valuable asset to the farm.


 House Pets


Sansa & Arya

Our scruffy little cuddle buddies. Sansa and Arya are mixed breed puppies from the same litter. Both are extremely loyal and affectionate to the family. They will lick you to death if given the opportunity! 



Roxy is playful and dignified. She loves to watch the farm through the windows and spends a good bit of time rolling around in any clothes she can get her paws on. I've even found her inside the dresser on a few occasions!